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WAVE 2023: A Year in Review  

Celebrating WAVE’s Remarkable Achievements in 2023: A Year of Success and Impact

As the year draws to a close, everyone at WAVE is reflecting on a year filled with exceptional accomplishments, projects, and a commitment to sustainable development. From industry recognition to successful project completions, WAVE demonstrated their expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding results.

In 2023, WAVE continued its transformative journey as a fully Employee-Owned business, a visionary move initiated three years ago. This bold decision has empowered every employee, fostering a collective dedication to excellence and securing our future successes. As one of the few fully Employee-Owned businesses today, WAVE takes great pride in this achievement.

Throughout the year, WAVE experienced remarkable growth and success, attracting new customers and expanding our services to all aspects of HVAC design, in addition to our expertise in refrigeration.

As we reflect on the achievements of this year, it fills us with great pleasure to highlight some of the remarkable milestones we have accomplished along the way.

Recognitions and Awards:

The WAVE team celebrated several significant recognitions and awards in 2023. Chris Parker’s election as a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers showcased his exceptional skills in the field. This achievement underlined WAVE’s commitment to expertise and professional growth.

The company also clinched the prestigious Digital HVAC&R award at the ASHRAE UK Technology Awards 2023, a deserving recognition of WAVE’s innovative contributions to the field. In addition, the company’s being shortlisted multiple times at the RAC Cooling Awards demonstrated their consistency in delivering excellence.

WAVE’s team members enjoyed personal successes as well. Caitlin Earle’s recognition as a finalist for the Student of the Year award at the RAC Cooling. Caitlin was also awarded the Silver Winner in the highly esteemed Project Engineer category at the 2023 ACR & Heat Pump Trainee of the Year Awards. These awards highlighted her dedication and passion for her craft. Gokul Divakaran’s internal promotion further exemplified the nurturing and growth opportunities within the company.


Throughout 2023, WAVE undertook a range of remarkable projects and actively participated in industry events. Some notable accomplishments include:

  • Successful completion of 60 large-scale projects for ALDI: WAVE’s contributions to initiatives like Project Fresh, new stores, and store extensions demonstrated their expertise in managing complex projects for prominent clients.
  • Collaboration with Bidfood: By providing design support and expertise across seven projects, WAVE showcased their versatility and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.
  • Comprehensive design and efficiency review for a major food retailer: WAVE demonstrated their technical prowess by evaluating refrigeration and heat pump technologies, paving the way for improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
  • Assisting installation contractors: WAVE’s valued assistance in designing and delivering refrigeration and HVAC projects for well-known food and high street retailers boosted their reputation as a reliable partner.
  • WAVE also extended its services to new customers by assisting with PESR and PSSR compliance for refrigeration and heat pump installations. This exemplified the company’s dedication to ensuring industry compliance and safety standards.


In 2023, WAVE Ltd engaged in several impactful events and collaborations. They visited Dorin, a leading compressor manufacturer, to stay updated on the latest technologies. WAVE actively participated in World Refrigeration Day, undertaking the Ice Challenge to promote eco-friendly practices. They attended the Cold Chain Live Event in Liverpool, expanding their knowledge in cold chain logistics. WAVE’s Mike Gittoes contributed an article on synergy in building services to MBS Magazine. Alan Saban presented at the RAC “Store of the Future” event, showcasing WAVE’s expertise. We also attended Refcold India 2023, fostering global connections and staying informed about industry trends. These endeavours reaffirmed WAVE’s leadership and commitment to innovation in the industry.

Through their active involvement in these events, WAVE affirmed their position as industry leaders, embracing innovation, knowledge sharing, and global engagement.

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals:

Beyond our professional accomplishments, WAVE have also dedicated time and resources to support various sustainable development initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to society and the environment. Some key contributions include:

  • Participation in charity events: The team actively engaged in events like the Big Sleepout, Yorkshire 3 Peaks, and Fundraising at the VW Festival, raising funds for organizations such as Happy Days UK and Cash for Kids.
  • Volunteering efforts: WAVE employees participated in volunteering projects, including cooking at the Cart Shed Charity, supporting cancer shelters and assisting in missions dedicated to children’s welfare during the holiday season.


2023 was an incredible year for WAVE, showcasing their achievements, expertise, and commitment to sustainability. Through individual recognitions, successful projects, and active participation in events supporting various causes, WAVE proved themselves as a leading company in their industry. Their continued dedication to excellence promises a bright future for both their clients and the communities they serve.

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