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Sleeping Rough for a Cause

Big Sleepout Success

Last Friday night, while many of us were nestled in the comfort of our homes, Sam Cameron from WAVE took on a remarkable challenge in support of Happy Days UK Charity. Sam stepped outside his comfort zone (and his bed!) for an incredible cause by participating in Happy Days Charity’s annual Big Sleepout. Instead of his cosy bed, Sam spent the night sleeping rough in a car park at Dean Clough Mill in Halifax. Braving the elements and the cold all to raise vital funds and awareness for a cause close to his heart.

Happy Days meets the growing demands of those struggling to cope with the cost of living crisis by operating a broad range of services that tackle homelessness and food poverty.  Happy Days is a beacon of hope for the homeless and those facing food poverty. Their initiatives, such as The Winter Shelter, The Community Supermarket, and The Community Café at The Gathering Place, provide not just physical support but also a sense of warmth and community for those in need. What sets them apart is their dedication to providing not just temporary relief, but sustainable solutions, including accommodation, addiction support, and skill-building programs aimed at fostering independence and employment.

One Night of Discomfort for a Lifetime of Change

While Sam readily admits last year’s Sleepout was a sleepless and “miserable” experience (who enjoys roughing it?), he’s back for another round! He understands that one night outdoors can’t truly replicate the hardships of homelessness, but it offers a valuable glimpse into the challenges faced by so many every single night.

This year’s Big Sleepout, held on Friday, March 8th, aimed to bring participants face-to-face with the discomfort of sleeping rough. Running from 8pm Friday night to a chilly 7am Saturday morning, the event took place entirely outdoors, mirroring the experience of those without a roof over their heads. Happy Days were overwhelmed by the incredible turnout for our Big Sleepout event, with over 40 compassionate individuals joining them, armed with their sleeping bags and big socks, ready to brave the night in solidarity with the homeless community. Together, the event achieved something remarkable, raising over £15,000 to support the vital work of Happy Days.

Target Smashed! But Donations Still Welcome!

Sam set out with a fundraising goal of £500, but thanks to the generosity of many supporters, he’s already surpassed that target, fantastically reaching over £600 and counting! Little did he know that his commitment would ignite a wave of generosity and support that would see him surpassing that milestone in remarkable fashion. Thanks to the overwhelming kindness and contribution of supporters near and far, Sam has shattered his initial target by raising over £600 and the tally continues to climb steadily. Each donation, message of encouragement, and show of solidarity have propelled Sam closer to making a significant impact in the lives of those served by Happy Days.

Every Penny Counts!

Think Sam deserves a decent night’s sleep for his efforts? Help him reach an even higher fundraising target! Donations of any size can be made through the link below. Let’s show Happy Days and those they support just how much our community cares.

Donate Here: Happy Days UK – Sam Cameron’s Fundraising Page

Join us in celebrating Sam’s remarkable achievement and continue to lend your support by spreading the word, sharing the fundraiser, and contributing to this worthy cause. Together, we can amplify the impact, reach new heights of generosity, and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Together, we can make a difference!

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