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Streamlining Project Success

WAVE, a leading building services consultant, specialise in  project management, design, and technical evaluations. WAVE’s support goes beyond writing specifications and project management, it encompasses a full end to end project support. Including scoping, selection, cost control and quality auditing services. This case study shows how WAVE supported Bidfood, a prominent food service wholesaler with refrigeration project and design support for a new build distribution centre is Glasgow. Bidfood had the challenge of expanding its depot network to meet growing demands while aligning with sustainability goals. WAVE played a crucial role in designing and overseeing installation of an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the project.

The project involved the creation of three distinct refrigerated areas with specific temperature requirements. WAVE broke down the project into three stages: initial scope and design meetings, technical and financial evaluation, and finally the installation stage.

The successful completion of the project resulted in several benefits for Bidfood. The use of an environmentally friendly refrigerant reduced their carbon footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. The integration of warm gas defrost improved efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology ensured maximum energy efficiency. Strict budget management and quality control measures instilled confidence in the reliability and longevity of the refrigeration system.

Overall, the collaboration between WAVE and Bidfood resulted in the successful delivery of a tailored and efficient refrigeration system design, meeting the specific requirements of the project.


Enhancing Global Alignment and Sustainable Procurement

WAVE provides comprehensive support to businesses in various locations, considering a holistic approach beyond simple cost comparisons. This includes factors such as emissions, energy expenditure, and operational impact. WAVE successfully organised and analysed independent testing, developed internationally aligned specifications, and calculated the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for refrigerated display cabinets for ALDI Süd’s international procurement group.

Creating standard international specifications was a complex task, given ALDI Süd’s diverse operating environments. WAVE acquired a leading role within a working group comprising refrigeration and merchandising experts from each ALDI Süd region. The goal was to capture individual requirements and summarize them within an aligned tender specification. This effort proved successful for both freezer and chiller cabinets, with the resulting specifications forming the foundation of ALDI Süd ‘s international cabinet standards.

After the specification alignment stage, the tender process itself was realised by developing adaptable calculators and providing customized recommendations based on individual outcomes for different countries. By considering factors such as energy efficiency and best value, ALDI Süd was empowered to make informed decisions that will ultimately result in a reduction of emissions across their estate.


Close The Door on Inefficiency

This case study explores how WAVE supported  ALDI, a leading food retailer to tackle inefficiency in refrigeration and reduce their carbon footprint. This was achieved  through the implementation of doors on all chilled display cases in their stores. ALDI achieved significant energy savings, cost reductions, and environmental benefits by completing this project.

The implementation process involved WAVE experts working closely with ALDI to analyse the existing refrigeration systems, evaluate potential solutions, and assist ALDI with an international tender to source the optimal doored refrigerated display cases. The project was managed by WAVE and prioritised efficiency improvements whole managing the impact  on capital costs or maintenance.

The collaboration between ALDI and WAVE resulted in substantial positive outcomes. By utilizing doors on the refrigerated display cases, ALDI was able to reduce refrigeration duties and increase evaporation temperatures, leading to lower energy consumption and improved store temperatures. The implementation process, results obtained, and overall success of ALDI’s initiative are presented in this case study.

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