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Environmental Guidance

Environmental consulting is a crucial service offered by engineering WAVE. Given the environmental impact of refrigeration and HVAC systems, environmental guidance is critical. WAVE offer support to a range of businesses in navigating the latest and potential future environmental regulations whilst also providing guidance on anything the client could implement as a result of their individual situation.

We can help clients traverse environmental regulations and provide expertise in areas such as:

  • Environmental and efficiency assessments (physical and desktop/theoretical)
  • Site investigations of asset failures
  • Environmental impact assessments of existing equipment
  • Sustainable asset replacement strategies
  • Guidance on adhering to environmental and industry regulations (such as F-gas, ecodesign and waste directives)

WAVE provide expert advice in multiple areas relating to the implementation of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly practices, such as the following:

  • Building energy management
  • Renewable energy options
  • Energy efficiency improvements (both physical, controls and entire strategies)
  • Sustainable operating practices and replacement plans (to optimise resource utilisation and reduce environmental impact)
  • Conduct energy audits
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