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Tender Management

WAVE provide comprehensive refrigeration and building services tender management support. We can provide detailed design packages and specifications for equipment, installation, and maintenance tenders. Post tender, we can provide a highly analytical approach to ensure our clients can make appropriate decisions for their business.

WAVE provide support for a range of businesses operating in different industries and countries! We consider a range of factors when conducting a tender and endeavour to consider a holistic approach wherever possible. As well as the bottom-line cost comparison, our tenders often incorporate direct and indirect emissions, modelled energy expenditure of running the equipment and the effect on the operation and maintenance.

WAVE work in partnership with our clients to consider a range of important and relevant factors that impact their business as well as the natural environment.

We can manage working groups to capture necessary individual requirements of stakeholders and summarise this within an aligned tender specification.

To consider TCO analysis, WAVE can integrate complex modelling, empirical test data, multifaceted purchase and discount plans and varied construction schedules into accessible visualisations that can be changed in real-time by the client to display the change in outcome.

All considerations and factors we employ within tenders are used to give our clients the best possible understanding of their options to make an informed decision.

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