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Demonstrating Professional & Ethical Behaviour

Professional Engineers have a duty to ensure that they acquire and use wisely and faithfully the knowledge that is relevant to the engineering skills needed in their work in the service of others.

Wave observe this by:

  • Ensuring that calculations and designs provided by Wave are accurate and peer reviewed.
  • Communication with industry peers to ensure that the business remains at forefront of technical advancements and applications.
  • Providing bias-free advice and guidance based on factual driven data and not anecdotal evidence.
  • Being truthful and acting with integrity at all times, and ensure that all the businesses work considers any associated risk.

Professional Engineers should adopt the highest standards of professional conduct, openness, fairness and honesty.

Wave observe this by:

  • Respecting the beliefs and values of others.
  • Rejecting compromise – whether it be providing inaccurate data and information, or improper conduct.
  • Acting with the highest level of integrity and being transparent and trustworthy.

Professional Engineers should give due weight to all relevant law, facts and published guidance, and the wider public interest.

Wave observe this by:

  • Ensuring all work is safe and compliant to legislation.
  • Considering the environmental impact of decisions taken.
  • Adopting a safety-first approach.
  • Taking pride and being proud of the profession that we represent.
  • Supporting local schools and sponsoring junior sports teams.

Professional Engineers should aspire to high standards of leadership in the exploitation and management of technology. They hold a privileged and trusted position in society and are expected to demonstrate that they are seeking to serve wider society and to be sensitive to public concerns.

Wave observe this by:

  • Being aware of the impact engineering decisions taken could have on the natural environment.
  • Actively promoting the refrigeration industry and sustainable technologies.
  • Taking a lead role within the engineering profession (refrigeration industry) to provide guidance and inform, whilst being humble enough to listen, learn and be informed by others.
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