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Design and Engineering

WAVE are proficient in designing and engineering refrigeration and HVAC systems; we tailor all aspects to the specific needs of clients but also advise on best practice for areas not within the client’s expertise. This involves:

  • Sizing equipment: Carefully determining the appropriate capacities and specifications for all equipment to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Sizing pipework: Calculating the right dimensions for pipelines to ensure proper flow and distribution throughout the system.

  • Sizing ductwork and heat emitters: Designing ductwork and heat emitters with precision to guarantee efficient heating and cooling distribution.

  • Selecting components: Meticulously choosing components that align with system requirements and meet quality standards.

  • Creating room and site layouts: Strategically planning and arranging equipment within spaces to maximize functionality and usability.

  • Creating system layouts: Developing detailed system blueprints that illustrate the integration and operation of various components.

  • Creating pipework isometrics: Generating detailed drawings to portray the exact dimensions and connections of piping systems.

  • Creating controls/wiring schematics: Designing control systems and wiring configurations for seamless operation and monitoring.

  • Ensuring energy efficiency and optimal performance: Implementing strategies to enhance energy efficiency and overall system performance.

WAVE may assist in the design of building infrastructure, systems, and processes, ensuring compliance with relevant codes, specifications, and standards.

WAVE are also accredited and fully conversant in the use of Autodesk REVIT. As experts in Building Information Modelling (BIM) we can bring retail supermarkets to life!

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