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WAVE to present as part of flagship panel at RAC Event

RAC Magazine’s latest event focus on the food retail Store of the Future. This event, held in association with Copeland, will explore the critical role of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and cooling (RACHP) skills in driving holistic efficiency in retail spaces. Among the distinguished speakers at the event, the expertise of Alan Saban from Wave will be at the forefront. Join us as we delve into the significance of Alan Saban’s presentation integrate cooling with renewables and building services as part of a holistic strategy to ensure the most efficient store design.

Event Overview:

The event titled “Store of the Future – Regulation – Decarbonisation – Urbanisation,” this event promises to revolutionise the retail sector’s approach to energy efficiency. Taking place on September 27th at Birmingham’s National Motorcycle Museum, this event will bring together supply chain experts to discuss collaboration opportunities and create more efficient designs for supermarkets and food retail sites. The event has limited spaces, however to  register your interest to attend click here.

Key Discussion Points:

The highlight of the event will be the flagship panels discussion on effective cooling within the retail sector, exploring the crucial role of various experts in maximizing energy efficiency. The panel will include Alan Saban of Wave, along with other distinguished speakers contributing their expertise to the conversation. The presentations will highlight the importance of building experts in maximizing energy efficiency throughout a store. From entrances to cabinets and plant rooms, these experts play a crucial role in optimizing various elements to reduce energy consumption and costs. The panel will explore innovative approaches, such as efficient air curtains and automatic doors at entrances, advanced display case designs, and integrated heat and refrigeration technologies. By taking a holistic approach and encouraging collaboration, the event aims to set a new standard for cooling efficiency and create a more sustainable future in retail.

Exploring Holistic Efficiency:

Alan Saban’s presentation will focus on the practical implementation of cooling systems that can seamlessly integrate with other on-site technologies and features. Saban will shed light on the current industry landscape, discussing the limited understanding of efficiently designing sites to leverage specific RACHP technologies. By highlighting the importance of a holistic approach, Saban will provide invaluable insights into how retailers can optimise their energy usage and costs. These valuable insights will highlight a model for a future retail store  that is lit, cooled, heated, and powered more efficiently.

Unveiling Technological Advancements:

The event will also feature presentations by industry experts, including specialists in display case design and integrated heat and refrigeration technologies. These presentations will showcase the latest industry developments and shed light on integrating RACHP technologies with other systems. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the panel, gaining deeper insights into the sector’s technical and planning challenges.

Collaboration and Innovation:

Another vital aspect of the event will be discussing the collaboration potential between RACHP specialists, engineers, and other stakeholders in the overall design and planning of a retail estate. The panel will address questions regarding the sector’s responsibilities in achieving efficiency across a wider estate, exploring possibilities for scalable solutions such as heat pumps and smart technologies.

Interactive Experience:

 For those attending the event or unable to make it, RAC Magazine invites questions from the audience. These questions can be submitted to the panel, and ongoing coverage of the event’s panels over the next few months will address them. This interactive element ensures that the discussions continue beyond the event itself, creating a platform for further exploration and knowledge sharing.


 The Store of the Future event promises to be an enlightening experience, spearheaded by industry leaders such as Alan Saban from WAVE. By harnessing RACHP expertise, retailers can optimise energy usage, reduce costs, and pave the way for a more sustainable future. Register your interest today to secure your spot and be a part of this transformative discussion shaping the future of retail. For further information on the event click here and make sure to keep up to date with news on the event from WAVE here.   

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