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Maximise Efficiency to Minimise Costs

Is Your Cold Storage Facility Delivering?

With spiralling energy costs how can you ensure make your cold storage facility can maximise efficiency to minimise costs, allowing you to remain competitive in a challenging market? With refrigeration accounting for an estimated 60-70% of a cold store’s energy consumption, it’s no surprise that optimising this aspect is key to reducing energy usage and carbon emissions in your facility. But how can you ensure your refrigeration system is working at peak efficiency? That’s where WAVE comes in!

At WAVE, we specialize in cutting-edge analysis to identify areas for improvement in your cold storage facility, enabling significant energy and carbon emissions reduction. Here’s our process:

Step 1: Initial Site Survey

We begin with a comprehensive site survey. Our expert team assesses your facility, cold room facilities, and equipment while gathering crucial energy data. We delve into physical size, current condition, energy usage, and equipment. This in-depth survey provides a complete snapshot of your facility’s energy consumption profile.

Step 2: Leveraging our Multi-Award-Winning Theoretical Calculator

Utilising our powerful theoretical calculator, we take things to the next level. This innovative tool models the predicted performance of your cold store, using manufacturer data and an analytical evaluation of the cold room fabric. Remarkably, our theoretical calculator generates simulation results that align within an astounding 5% of actual measured data. We then compare these simulations with your metered energy consumption, highlighting any discrepancies between expected and actual energy usage.

Step 3: Identifying Inefficiencies and Crafting Solutions

By analysing the variances revealed through our calculations, we identify areas within your cold store that are underperforming and costing you more money than necessary. But we don’t stop at identification; our team of experts goes the extra mile. We produce a detailed report that not only highlights the causes behind these inefficiencies but also provides actionable remedies to optimise your facility. You’ll even find comprehensive insights into the potential return on investment for implementing these efficiency improvements.

The Final Report: Your Roadmap to Maximise Efficiency to Minimise Costs

In the end, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that serves as your roadmap to maximum efficiency. Beyond mere diagnosis, WAVE equips you with the knowledge and actions needed to unlock the true potential of your cold storage facility. With data-backed insights, you’ll not only reduce your environmental impact but also decrease unnecessary expenses, boosting your bottom line.

WAVE can also support by designing, tendering and project managing any required remedial works to ensure you facility is brought back up to optimal performance. For all full list of our services click here.

Ready to take your cold storage facility to new heights of efficiency? Reach out to WAVE today, by clicking here and let us transform your operations into a model of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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