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Cold Chain Live 2023

WAVE as an active member of the Cold Chain Federation is thrilled to share that Mike Gittoes and Chris Parker from WAVE will be attending this year’s highly anticipated Cold Chain Live 2023 event. The sold-out conference is taking on the 14th and 15th of September at the ACC Liverpool and is the definitive industry conference for the cold food chain. Organised by the Cold Chain Federation, the focus of this year’s event will be on Resilience and Opportunity.

Cold Chain Live is a premier gathering of industry experts, professionals, and thought leaders, coming together to exchange insights, innovations, and best practices in the cold chain sector. This event serves as an incredible platform for shaping a resilient future, as we navigate the challenges posed by an ever-changing world.

Cold Chain Live 2023 will centre its sessions on the theme of “Resilience and Opportunity.” This focus will shed light on how our cold supply chains are navigating through the aftermath of recent economic, social, and political crises. Moreover, it will explore our readiness to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities awaiting us in various aspects, including our economy, the markets we serve, the UK’s trading position, and the sustainability agenda. A full agenda for the conference is available here.

Join us as we delve into insightful discussions and gain valuable knowledge about the emergence of our cold supply chains from challenging times. We will look ahead to uncover how we can proactively meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. By addressing the economic landscape, societal transitions, political dynamics, market demands, and sustainability concerns, Cold Chain Live ensures that attendees are equipped to navigate the evolving cold chain industry.

We are looking forward to engaging in thought-provoking sessions, where industry experts and professionals will share their expertise, experiences, and vision for a resilient future. By attending Cold Chain Live, we will build further valuable insights into how our industry is adapting and preparing itself to remain agile and responsive to changes to better help our clients adapt and overcome challenges.

WAVE known for their cutting edge their cutting-edge consultancy services in the cold food chain, has built a commendable reputation in the industry. Supporting Major supermarkets and food distributors future proof their refrigeration and building services. Our commitment to delivering resilient and efficient advice has garnered international recognition and earned the trust of clients across the globe. Mike and Chris will use their considerable experience to actively engage in panel discussions, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions, offering valuable insights and learning from other industry experts. Their participation at Cold Chain Live further demonstrates WAVE’s proactive approach in pursuing resilient solutions.

Embracing resilience and exploring new opportunities is not just a goal; it is imperative. The cold chain industry, with its unique challenges, plays a pivotal role in adapting to change and identifying untapped potential. Cold Chain Live provides a platform to explore resilient technologies, innovative practices, and strategies for seizing new opportunities. By attending this event, Mike and Chris exemplify WAVE’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve.

As we collectively work towards a more resilient industry, it is crucial for businesses like WAVE to participate in such prestigious events. By attending, they reinforce their position as thought leaders and catalysts for positive change. With their visions aligned to the event’s focus on resilience and opportunity, WAVE ensures they are at the forefront of discussions surrounding adaptability, innovation, and seizing emerging possibilities.

If you plan on attending Cold Chain Live, make sure to connect with Mike Gittoes and Chris Parker from WAVE. Engage in insightful conversations, share perspectives, and explore potential collaborations. Together, we can make significant strides towards a more resilient and opportunistic future.

Follow our journey and stay updated with their continuous efforts to revolutionize the cold chain industry. Keep up to date with news from WAVE here.  

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