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Helping Hands Organisation (H2O) Vegetable Patches Update – Scoping Visit

In partnership with the Helping Hands Organisation (H2O) in Trivandrum, Akhil, Gokul, Sivadas & NanduKumar recently visited the homes of six underprivileged children with learning difficulties in advance of providing vegetable patches for the children & their families. This will allow the families to take part in self-sufficient and sustainable food production for themselves, as well as offering a mindful learning space for those with learning difficulties. The purpose of this visit was to find out whether the proposed designs for the vegetable patches are feasible within the available spaces.

The Vegetable patches will use re-directed greywater from the Kitchen, therefore at no cost for the families. The works will involve Further Planning, Landscaping, Re-directing/Providing water pipework and Installing the Vegetable Patches.

The visit concluded we may need to design alternate layout options, such as rectangular bed patches or using grow bags, to allow for growing spaces on the available land outside the homes.

For the next steps; Our Trivandrum team will hold a session with H2O to review the designs and decide how & when to start working on site. The team at WAVE are excited to see this amazing project unfold!

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