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Celebrating the Efforts of Gokul – Global Shapers!

Celebrating the Efforts of Gokul – Global Shapers!

Gokul Divakaran, a design engineer based in our Trivandrum office has been volunteering with the Global Shapers community Trivandrum hub. The Global shapers is a fantastic network of young adults around the world, who work to address local and global issues.

The Trivandrum hub hosts monthly meetings where different topics and ideas on how to address issues are discussed. Gokul has been a member of the Trivandrum hub since 2020, and has since taken part in several projects including the following:

  • M.A.S.K Project (Make and sew kindness); This is an effort to change public behaviour concerning the use of disposable masks during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Help for COVID-19 front-line workers; Procuring essential equipment for COVID treatment centres in Trivandrum, including surgical masks, oximeters and PPE kits.
  • Project Avaropita; An online campaign to raise awareness about rights, liberty, and the justice system in India, including shedding light into the violence in police custody.
  • Blood Donation drive; To raise awareness on blood donation and creating a repository of donor details. The donor pool included 16,000 people, and the awareness campaign extended to almost 42,000 people!

 Keep up the great work Gokul!

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